As you know, Mobile communications is very useful lớn help people communicate with each other. Today, all subjects were able lớn use di động phones. you can use by a number of amenities: alarm cloông chồng, phone number, store photographic memories .... Besides, the phone is considered as "genuine" you can have fun by listening lớn music or playing games, reading the newspaper over GPRS ... It would be like - will be useful for people who can use electrithành phố a reasonable voice but when it uses electrical work thoaiT your learning will also somewhat affected by the use of the device. Because you are among mỏi the many phone users that neglect the study. at this age, the less you will call only to talk the message. How much lost time. And if the other person replies to lớn your message a little late, you will sit waiting, his eyes focused on the phone screen and in the beginning always thought why not get the signal response. Now wonder so where are the time to lớn learn?trường hợp gồm gì không đúng sót xuất xắc chưa đầy đủ ý muốn chúng ta thông cảm!

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Current students all have sầu a phone. It is very useful in many ways such as: watching movies, contacting families when necessary, reading newspapers online without spending money, playing games or even talking, texting with friends when không tính tiền time, shooting Beautiful photos to lớn make memories with friends or family. But everything has two sides: the good & the bad. The phone also has a bad side. It makes us neglect studying, not hanging out with friends & sometimes even phone calls that make us not pay attention lớn listening khổng lồ lectures, not concentrating, learning slipping. And the worst thing is that it makes us addicted. Always hold the phone with you when you eat, when you go to bed when you go lớn bed, when you go out & when you go to lớn the nhà vệ sinh. If we use them, we have to lớn balance learning, playing with friends, family, doing chores with the phone properly.
ban nguyen le an nhu thua 1 phan go khổng lồ the bed rui cac ban cố nen vao google dich de dich ra tieng vit se biet dc ban y đại bại o dau neu doc =tieng viet nhung nen doc het nha
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I think that phones nowday are very popular in both cities & countrysides. There are a lot of good things about them và also bad things about them. For example, phones are good because they are really useful for people to lớn chat or find the place that they want to lớn go and book trips. But they are bad because then people won"t communicate with each others more often and will be very bad for their eyes, too. That"s what I think about

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With the advancement of science and công nghệ, phone has become the smart friover of everyone. It is no denial of the benefits that the phone brings because of the following reasons. First of all, the basic benefit of the phone is that it makes communication become easier than ever. Previously, lớn communicate with another, one had to lớn write a hvà letter, which was very troublesome và sometimes the letter could be misplaced. Now, in spite of being halfway around the Earth, we can still interact, hear the voice of the other. This way is more economical & extremely convenient for everyone to use. In addition, with a phone, we can take photographs and save sầu great moments, no much difference from a camera. In our không tính phí time, we can take a look to relax, it is interesting. Futhermore, the phone has many other great applications such as cloông xã alarming, note, calculator, voice recorder, etc. A hand-held phone that has so many useful functions integrated in. Each of these functions serves us a lot in our lives. As a result, the phone itself has become a cthua trận frikết thúc of each of us, be inseparable.