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Julia from Milton, PaIf this tuy vậy were a potalớn, it would be a really good potato lớn.Tonya from Theodore, AlThis tuy vậy moves my heart và soul!Aleps from Chihuahua, MexicoThis tuy nhiên really remind us how simple we are when we are suffering for someone we love sầu. That simple... Is lovely to remember how human & fragile we can be. I had a similar experience. Wounds are still there inside. Thanks Adele for being so honest & show us your heart.Lindomain authority from Oaklvà, CaAdele is probably right when she said she"ll be known for this tuy vậy. Not "Rollin" in the Deep," this one.Megan from Stevenson, AlWhen I first heard this I literally stopped & just stared at the tv. It was amazing! Her voice is one in a million. Her lyrics are so great. I love sầu the way her voice cracks in this from emotion...Camille from Toronto, OhThis tuy vậy grew on me. Now I love sầu it, và sometimes after I hear it, it will play in a continuous loop in my head for days after. The piano is incredible, (of course so is Adele"s voice), but the piano ties the whole tuy vậy together, gives it the right intro, tempo và feel to lớn the words, adds elegance lớn the heartbreak.Randy from Ashland, OhI"ve never heard a tuy nhiên like this,"s so deep,..really tugs at the strings in your heart! This woman has an absolutelyincredible voice. This song makes me reflect on the good times when I was married. How much I was so in love sầu with my wife!I miss what we had, so much so that the prospect of staying single the rest of my life is quite appealing. Thanks for that tuy nhiên Adele! It"s a wonderful tuy vậy.Jon from Enumclaw , WaJust epic!!!!Nicki from Baltimore, MdSurprised no one has commented about this song yet. Its so beautiful. Very deep break up tuy vậy.see more comments
LullabyThe Cure

The Cure"s "Lullaby" is based on a recurring nightmare frontman Robert Smith had as a child where he was eaten by a giant spider.

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Nothing Compares 2 USinéad O"Connor

Two tears roll down Sinead O"Connor"s face. toward the over of the đoạn phim for "Nothing Compares 2 U." They were shed because she associated the song"s lyrics of love sầu và loss with her mother, who was killed in a oto accident in 1985.

Shake It OffTaylor Swift

Taylor Swift"s “Shake It Off” was inspired by how she"d learned to khuyến mãi with all the false rumors that circulated about her. "The only thing we can control is our reaction to lớn that ,” said Swift. "You can either let it get lớn you … you just shake it off."

RosannaToto lớn

"Rosanna" by Tolớn got its name from the actress Rosanmãng cầu Arquette, who was dating Tolớn keyboard player Steve Porcaro.

That"s The Way Love sầu GoesJanet Jackson

The longest-running #1 US hit for a thành viên of the Jackson family is Janet"s "That"s The Way Love sầu Goes," with eight weeks on top.

Who Let The Dogs OutBaha Men

"Who Let The Dogs Out" won a Grammy. It took the award for Best Dance Recording in 2000.

Tony Banks of GenesisSongwriter Interviews

Genesis" key-man re-examines his solo career và the early days of music video.

Which Restaurants Are Most Mentioned In Song Lyrics?Song Writing

Katy Perry mentions McDonald"s, Beyoncé calls out Red Lobster, và Supertramp shouts out Tateo Bell - we found the 10 restaurants most often mentioned in songs.

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Tom Bailey of Thompson TwinsSongwriter Interviews

Tom stopped performing Thompson Twins songs in 1987, in part because of their personal nature: "Hold Me Now" came after an argument with his bandmate/girlfrikết thúc Alannah Currie.

Hawksley WorkmanSongwriter Interviews

One of Canada"s most popular & eclectic performers, Hawksley tells stories about his oldest songs, his plentiful side projects, and the ways that he keeps his songwriting fresh.

16 Songs With a HeartbeatSong Writing

We"ve heard of artists putting their hearts inkhổng lồ their music, but some take it literally.