Song Ji-hyo demanded various items from her younger brother & Lee Dong-wook lớn complete mission with lee Kwang-soo.

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Lee Kwang-soo & Song Ji-hyo in episode 474 of "Running Man."
Song Ji-hyo & Lee Kwang-soo had to lớn complete a phối of tasks together on the recent March 19 episode of SBS"s Running Man. She needed a few items for which she had to lớn Call up both her brother and Goblin actor Lee Dong-wook, who is her good friover.

Website Soompi notes that Song Ji-hyo made a phone Điện thoại tư vấn khổng lồ Lee Dong-wook và asked hlặng khổng lồ skết thúc her a number of items that she needed khổng lồ complete her mission with Lee Kwang-soo. This made Dong-wook quite annoyed as he said he was busy filming some project.

Upon hearing of the many items being demanded by Ji-hyo, Lee Dong-wook became puzzled & asked, "Are you teaching me Korean right now?" When she explained the reason why those items where needed, Lee Dong-wook became clueless và asked, "But I"m filming right now, how will I give them to lớn you?"

However, Song Ji Hyo wasn"t going khổng lồ let Dong-wook off that easily. She told the My Girl actor that she needed the items anyway & even went as far as suggesting she go to lớn his house to retrieve sầu the items herself.

"Just tell me. I"ll go lớn your house và get them myself" she told hlặng. This put the Gryên Reaper actor hilariously over the edge, causing him to curse.

Lee Kwang Soo interrupted their heated exchanges by telling Dong-wook, "I really enjoyed watching your drama." Lee Dong Wook was taken abaông chồng and asked, "What"s that all of a sudden? You"re just saying you have no use for me anymore." The whole exchange was incredibly funny khổng lồ say the least.

Lee dong-wook and Song Ji-hyo have sầu remained good friends off-screen for a long time. Dong-wook had appeared on Running Man quite a few times & teamed-up with Song Ji-hyo. In fact, Song Ji-hyo has been equally annoying khổng lồ the Goblin actor in the past.

In a press conference for his drama Bubble Gum, in 2015, Lee Dong-wook had said that Song Ji-hyo is a frikết thúc & talked of a particular instance when Song Ji-hyo asked hyên ổn khổng lồ appear on Running Man.

"Jung Ryeo Won and Song Ji Hyo are friends like that. Before, I was at the hair salon when I suddenly got a gọi from Song Ji Hyo asking me if I could go lớn "Running Man" right now. She told me she had to lớn call somebody she knew over, but she said, "Can"t you not go to lớn the press conference?" so I just hung up on her," he said, which had everyone laughing, as noted by Allkpop.

Song Ji-hyo"s younger brother Chun Sung-mo also appeared on the March 19 episode of Running Man. The actress also called her brother and made demands from hyên ổn.

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"You know the table I use when I read scripts? Bring it out for me," Ji-hyo ordered his brother. He did as asked, but hilariously mentioned, "This is the table she always uses when she drinks beer."

For fulfilling his sister"s demands, he was asked for a wish & he said, "Let me hit my sister." Song Ji-hyo faced a wall while her brother kicked on her things and then ran away before she could retaliate. She proceeded to lớn instead vent her anger on Lee Kwang-soo. Watch two clips from the episode below.